Ruined the Field

But in a good way

It was another great biweek for Homestead! I worked faster than I thought I would have, and managed to finish more than I expected! The field has been ruined, intentionally, and Jack has a reaction to it:

As you can see, the field has been cluttered up with all kinds of rubbish! I implemented Rocks, Sticks, and Weeds, and the respective tools to remove them. Rocks can be destroyed by a Hammer, Sticks by the Axe, and Weeds by either the Sickle or pulling them by hand. As I get further into development, removing rocks and sticks will give the player Stone and Wood materials, which will be used to construct and improve buildings on the Homestead!

I’ve also been playing around with some graphical changes. I’m trying out a slightly modified Unity 5 Standard shader in the deferred rendering path, as opposed to the custom shaders I wrote in the forward rendering path. I’m not 100% convinced I like the result just yet, but it has solved some headaches with shadows, so that’s good :) I found a neat article by a gentleman named Ben Jones who probed how the Zelda series created expressive eyes, and I took a shot at implementing it in Unity. I still need to work out some of the math (note the left eye derping a bit as he looks down :P), but I’m really happy with the general technique!

Here’s a slightly longer video showing the field in more detail. I finished some more of the camera code, and it’s now possible to “Z-target” as you can in Zelda games. Instead of a behind-the-back view, I opted to pull the camera up, and it locks you to a cardinal direction when you’re near a field or anything that requires precise movement. I’ve also improved some of the modeling and texturing of the field plots to clarify their states a little!

And finally, here’s a picture of Jack fertilizing some cabbage, since fertilizer and cabbage are two more of the new features I’ve added! If anyone has an opinion on the new graphical style, I’d love to hear it! Is it better, worse, or indistinguishable from the flatter shading?

Jack fertilizing some cabbage.

ROADMAP: Now that the farming system is essentially complete in functionality and has a decent number of crop assets to work with, I’m going to start working on ranching! Expect to see some fuzzy friends next time :)