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Hey. Perhaps you heard there was a game called Homestead on the horizon and decided to check it out? Do you know me, and did I convince you to come? Or maybe it was the Blender tutorial that brought you in. Whatever the reason, welcome to this bit of the Internet.

Blendering for Unity

Free modeling and image editing software exists, and the free game engines exists. However, there are not many start-to-finish text guides on the workflow between these things, so I wrote one! In this series of posts, I outline my workflow between Blender 2.70, GIMP 2.8, and Unity3D 4.


The initial idea was to bring a farming RPG to PC, and to fix all the problems that I saw with the Harvest Moon series. They don’t always have the best pacing, translations, or performance, but they’re so damn good! Since then, a few games have been filling that gap, but I’m still finding ways to make Homestead something special.

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Game Jamming and Portfolio

As an occasionally avid game-jammer, I’ve come up with a few little games and projects that seem to be worth sharing. Check them out here!