A Coop and a Cow



Posted 03/29/2016 19:21:34 in Homestead

Updated 09/06/2017 02:34:53

I've found a good balance among the new job, schoolwork, life, and this project, and I'm making steady progress again! Most of the work this time isn't particularly visually interesting (I cleared lots of //TODOs, fixed some bugs, added some more SFX, and reorganized some code to make persistence between scenes a little cleaner). I did create some assets, so there were at least some screenshot opportunities!

Here's my initial run at the interior of the first-level Chicken Coop. There's just enough room for two chickens, a feeding pit, a feed dispenser, and the player.

Blocked-out interior of chicken coop
Blocked-out interior of chicken coop

Meet Betsy, our first cow! I've also implemented the Brush tool, which you can use on the larger animals to make them happier.

Betsy the cow
Betsy the cow

So, after I finished up the cow model, I was feeling pretty antsy to get it on-screen and did a quick copy-paste job with the chicken's behavior logic. The results were as disastrous (or hilarious) as you'd probably expect-- here's what a cow behaving like a chicken looks like:

ROADMAP: Continue optimizing and cleaning up code, implement the Feed Bag, implement Eggs and livestock-production, continue the redesign of the UI-Inventory layout, and begin work on secondary inventories (Shipping Bin, Tool Shed).