ApriMay Update

You know, since I missed the update last time :c


Posted 05/10/2016 22:49:56 in Homestead

Updated 07/09/2017 13:35:12

And we're back! After a brutal couple of weeks, I finally passed my last required course for the semester, converted time into experience and money at my internship, managed to remember Mother's Day, and got some work done on Homestead! After finishing up the class, I rewarded myself by playing some Stardew Valley. It's a fantastically executed game, and fortunately I'm still at a point in development that I can make Homestead into something complimentary, rather than clone-umentory (yup, best portmanteau I could come up with :P). In a future post I'll outline my vision for Homestead, and I'd love to get some feedback! But for now, this will be a relatively short update, and here's what I did this past week:

Aside from more TODO work and bug fixing, I implemented hand feeding animals, which actually forms the basis for the "gifting" functionality with NPCs in general. I added the Feed item, and I implemented the Milk item along with the Milker tool and milkable cows. Milk!

Milk, in Blender

I had heard of Angel "Edy" Garcia's Blender importer for Unity before, and I finally decided to give it a try. It works really well, and aside from needing to re-rotate quite a few of my models, I haven't run into any issues! I'm still in the process of removing some of the extra GameObjects that compensate for the default Unity/Blender importer, as you can see...

An upside-down chicken
An upside-down chicken

I've also decided to hold off on going further in my new input system until Unity's new input system is a little farther along in development. Thanks to Deozaan for bringing that to my attention! Instead, I've been scribbling GUI ideas on paper, since I do want to continue work on expanding the Inventory system in the mean time!

ROADMAP: Inventory and Ranching