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Posted 05/04/2014 15:22:32 in Blendering for Unity

Updated 08/20/2017 19:20:07

Free modeling and image editing software exists, and the free game engine Unity exists. However, I haven't been able to find a good start to finish guide on a workflow between these things, so I figured why not contribute something to the indie game making community for once! In this series of posts, I'm going to outline my personal workflow between Blender 2.70, GIMP 2.8, and Unity3D 4.

A quick disclaimer, I only learned how to model a couple months ago, but the hurdles I ran into between getting something from Blender to Unity are still fresh in my head.

This series is aimed towards people fairly familiar with Unity (I won't be going into much beyond importing the model and properly getting animations into an animation controller) but fairly new to Blender and modeling. Basically, if you're a Unity developer and 3D modeling is a terrifying and seemingly impossible thing (like it was for me!) this series is for you!

This process consists of five to seven main steps (depending on whether you're animating the model):

  1. Setting up Blender (basically, setting up a good startup file to make things quicker later on)
  2. Creating the model
  3. UV mapping the model
  4. Creating a texture for the model
  5. Rigging the model
  6. Animating the model
  7. Importing everything into Unity properly

The rigging step is optional, depending on whether you want to animate the model. I skip it when I'm making buildings and other static objects. The UV process is pretty much necessary, unless you want the model to have a solid color in-game. If you're going to do both the texturing and rigging, it doesn't matter which order you do those two things! I usually do the texturing first, but that's just a personal preference.

We're going to end up with something like this at the end of it!





09/23/2018 07:36:44


Thanks for taking the time, sharing your findings!

05/13/2014 18:25:17

Athene Noctua

Thank you immensely for the tutorial.

09/15/2015 16:53:58


Zak, thanks so much for taking the time to do this tutorial. As a newbie to Unity and Blender, the tips you share in this one tutorial are an amazing help in understanding the Blender -> Unity pipeline. Your tutorial touches on so many useful features in Blender that apply to assets for use in Unity. Until I found your tutorials, I had only found some of this info scattered around. So THANK YOU!

05/16/2014 08:32:34


Excellent tutorial. Exactly what I was needing. Thanks for taking the time.

02/05/2015 02:53:39

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05/31/2015 15:25:09


Hey Zak, many of the picture links are broken. This looks like a very helpful tutorial, but without the pictures, it's hard to follow.

06/21/2015 07:23:44


Hmm are you still having problems viewing the pictures? Something strange may have happened with the webhost move but it appears that they're all still here. Try clearing your cache, and if you still have problems please let me know along with the browser you're using!

06/26/2015 12:57:30


Is this tutorial still valid for unity 5? And the newest blender? BTW thanks this is excellent!

11/22/2016 22:54:27


It should be for Blender, and the Unity stuff at the end will be a little different (the dialogs to create a project have changed a bit, but you should be able to follow along for the most part). I have it on my TODO list to run through this series again and update it when I have time-- I've just been busy with work, classes, and Homestead :) Thanks! If you run into any issues feel free to let me know, I've still been making minor spot-check updates and answering questions as comments have come up!

11/23/2016 14:40:02