Chicken Update!



Posted 03/01/2016 19:04:52 in Homestead

Updated 09/06/2017 02:35:16

These past couple weeks have been hectic! I finished up a class, started a new job, and still found time to work on these chickens! Since I'm a little short on time tonight, I'm going to do something new for this post-- a longish gameplay video! With sound!

"Gameplay" might be a little generous, but I really wanted to show off some of the new sounds and chicken animations! I'm finally feeling pretty good about the Spring theme, and even though it's still a work in progress, it's starting to come together. I've created an FMOD-like system (because FMOD studio doesn't run on Linux...) that can handle intros and looping sections, and currently it transitions between different themes for morning, afternoon, and night :) Also, as I fast forward the time you can notice the ambient sound change as it gets later!

Behind the scenes, the framework for animal behavior is about 80% done. The game makes hourly updates to each animal's happiness and other stats, based on the state of the animal (like whether it's been fed, if it's been taken care of, if you left it out in the rain or attacked it). All this is done independently from the actual GameObject representing the animal, which means their states are updated whether or not the player is in their scene!

I also wanted to take a moment to congratulate ConcernedApe and promote his release of Stardew Valley! Both his dedication and the excitement around his game give me hope for the genre, and indie game development as a whole :)

ROADMAP: Finish up that last 20% of the Livestock system, implement the interior of the coop, make a cow, and implement the livestock-related tools.