Inventory System Progress

And a new crop!


Posted 12/08/2015 17:22:11 in Homestead

Updated 07/20/2017 19:45:07

These past two weeks I've made a ton of progress on the inventory system, although most of it has been behind the scenes. I sat down and designed the initial item database, finally got around to loading it from a file instead of hardcoding the entries, and I wrote out a dozen or so general use-cases for the main interactions with the system. Without further ado, here's a screenshot of where it's at now!

New this week are the badges on the inventory items. The star represents favorited items, which adds them to a quick-select list for easier access. In this example, I favorited the tools in order to easily switch between them while farming. There are also badges indicating the number of items in each stack, and the quality level of produce!

The inventory screen
The Inventory screen

And here's a quick screenshot of one of the new crops I added this week, the Radish! It'll be a Spring crop!

Jack and a radish

I'm still on track for finishing the inventory framework this month, and things have calmed down a little since the holiday. That's all for this week!