Music, UI, Weather, and more!

Biweekly updates =good


Posted 01/19/2016 11:08:29 in Homestead

Updated 09/06/2017 02:37:43

What a great couple of weeks! I indulged a little bit and just let myself work on whatever I happened to feel like working on, and I had a lot of fun! I set up a Trello board, which is making it fantastically easier to keep track of what I need to do, what I've done, and how long things took. It helps with motivation too, since looking at the long list of cards in the "Finished" list makes you feel mega accomplished. Here are a few things I got done this biweek (that can be a word, right?):

The Sickle! Assets, animation, and functionality are done, so now it's possible to remove old crops (and weeds in the near future). Implementing this has had the nice side effect of making it easy to kill off crops that are out-of-season, too.

Jack slicing some crops
Using the sickle

Music! I outlined the themes for three pieces of music, and some of it actually turned out pretty catchy! Here's a preview of the "Forest" theme (sorry it's on the quiet side, it's background music and I neglected to mix it up for the upload):

New HUD sprites and font! They're still placeholder, but they look a little better than before. I have access to a drawing tablet now, and it's been fun learning that new workflow. You might notice that there's a weather badge right in the middle, and it's not just eye-candy...

Slices of weather UI
Slices of weather UI

That's right, we have weather! Right now it can be either sunny or rainy, but there will be other weather states in the future. It's not just a visual effect either; different weather states will add differing amounts of sun and water to your crops, which affects both growth speed and final quality. The framework is in place, so adding extra audiovisual effects and logic based on the weather state will be a breeze (no pun intended).

ROADMAP: Implementing more Spring crops, then implementing the Fertilizer tool, followed by the implementation of field persistent items (Weeds, Sticks, and Rocks). When Sticks and Rocks are done, the Axe and Hammer tools will be created.