Pulling and Putting Items

Lots of work for a seemingly simple thing :P


Posted 12/15/2015 12:31:47 in Homestead

Updated 09/06/2017 02:38:26

A week of loving labor resulted in lots of progress towards finishing the item system! Now pulling and putting items is a finished feature!

Look at that radish! It's so radishy! Well, it kind of looks like an onion I guess...

To get this going, I had to write the inventory systems that manage item props in a sane way. The system will make it both easy on performance and development, since it only will preload the meshes that are currently in your inventory, but it also does a one-time search for the name of the mesh. In other words, I can just make the models, name them what they are, drop them in, and it'll just work!

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