Ranching Design and Assets

Building the foundation


Posted 02/16/2016 13:08:00 in Homestead

Updated 09/06/2017 02:35:30

A busy couple weeks without a lot of motion to show for it! I began work on Homestead's ranching system, fleshing out the technical portions of the design document and building a few initial assets. I also updated to Unity 5.3.2 on Linux, which fixed the particle system issues but somehow won't recognize custom built-in shaders; it's back to forward rendering for the majority of my shaders now!

Pages of design lead to quick programming! I've written out the code structure of the animal systems, sketched out the happiness and mood systems, and defined the animal behavior down to each action and hourly update.

A screenshot of Homestead's GDD
A peek at the GDD

Here are some of the new assets I started work on! The first livestock to be implemented will be the Chicken! Although the basic mechanics of the ranching gameplay will be familiar to Harvest Moon players, I have a few new and interesting mechanics in mind. Also, I currently have plans to implement Chickens, Cattle, Sheep, Horses, and Dogs. I'm trying to keep the scope reigned in, but I may add more animal types if they are similar in behavior to the above or if there is popular demand for something else :)

Jack and two chickens in front of the cabin and coop
A couple of chickens

I know, it's not what I'm supposed to be working on, but I came across this awesome GDC presentation about how the special effects in Diablo III were accomplished and couldn't resist. I took a shot at implementing the technique in Unity, had some fun with shader writing, and learned a bit more about graphics programming! It's doubtful that I'll actually use this particular effect, but I'll be using the technique and the shader I wrote in the future!

ROADMAP: Continue work on building the ranching system and database tables, and implement the Chicken, Chick, FeedBag, and Coop.