Posts about my current project, a farming RPG! Read about my progress, techniques, and see lots of eye-candy!


Prototyping Fishing


Posted 08/30/16

Updated 09/06/17

The State of Homestead

One Year Later

Posted 08/17/16

Updated 07/09/17

A More Robust Data System

And a virtual version of that pond from last time

Posted 08/01/16

Updated 09/06/17

The Barn!

And some unconventional eyecandy

Posted 06/08/16

Updated 07/09/17

A Whole New World

Just not shiny or shimmery, yet

Posted 05/24/16

Updated 07/09/17

ApriMay Update

You know, since I missed the update last time :c

Posted 05/10/16

Updated 07/09/17

Bones and Code

Semaphores, the dropbox, and placeable items

Posted 04/12/16

Updated 07/04/17

A Coop and a Cow


Posted 03/29/16

Updated 09/06/17

Above Average Audio!

Making the audio system in Homestead

Posted 03/15/16

Updated 07/20/17

Chicken Update!


Posted 03/01/16

Updated 09/06/17

Ranching Design and Assets

Building the foundation

Posted 02/16/16

Updated 09/06/17

Ruined the Field

But in a good way

Posted 02/02/16

Updated 09/06/17

Music, UI, Weather, and more!

Biweekly updates =good

Posted 01/19/16

Updated 09/06/17

Happy New Year!

Here's what's to come

Posted 01/05/16

Updated 07/20/17

Inventory nearly done + a Unity/VSCode tip for you!

And a little eyecandy, too

Posted 12/22/15

Updated 09/06/17

Pulling and Putting Items

Lots of work for a seemingly simple thing :P

Posted 12/15/15

Updated 09/06/17

Inventory System Progress

And a new crop!

Posted 12/08/15

Updated 07/20/17

Quick Tip: Enum Flags

Pack your bits up

Posted 11/30/15

Updated 07/04/17

Inventory First Draft

And Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted 11/23/15

Updated 09/06/17

Beginnings of a Dialogue System

Small update this week

Posted 11/17/15

Updated 07/20/17

Homestead's First Farm

And first video!

Posted 11/09/15

Updated 09/06/17

Homestead Reveal

On Linux!

Posted 11/02/15

Updated 07/20/17