I've done a bunch of stuff, and you can see a bunch of it here! Prepare to see lots of little game jam games!


New Website Launch

Thought it would only take a couple of months...

Posted 08/27/17

Updated 09/06/17

Guide to Gamedev

Some helpful resources

Posted 09/10/16

Updated 08/20/17

Sail Postmortem

A pretty successful journey

Posted 05/03/14

Updated 08/20/17

Site Update Coming Soon!!

Oh, it's been a while

Posted 04/27/14

Updated 08/20/17

Reflections on a Glass of Water

My experience in a 48-hour game jam

Posted 08/28/13

Updated 08/20/17

New blog and website!

What's the point?

Posted 08/10/13

Updated 07/04/17